Even small children want to be entertained.

Children’s farm is the magic word.

Even small children want to be entertained. Children’s farm is the magic word.

At Galtinerhof little eyes are opened wide at the fun and entertainment that is waiting for them!

It’s not just adults who have stress in their day to day lives. Children are also sometimes under pressure to succeed. Video games, computer, TV etc. temporarily distract your children from the pressure to get good marks, but then at some point it’s time for more.

A stay amongst the sun, green fields, bright flowers, and the impressive mountain scenery of South Tyrol never fails to make an impression.   The conditions for a great time out are provided by nature and we do the rest. Enjoy holidays on a farm with your children: welcome!

With us, your children have the opportunity to experience life on a farm close up. The variety of animals will definitely put a smile on their faces. Children love our petting zoo, because of no less than the well-tempered cows and calves, lively hens, our amusing dwarf goat Heidi, several hares, purring kittens, Gustav the goose and Clementine the Duck and the comical potbellied pigs, Freddy and Emil are already looking forward to new arrivals and one or more strokes.

Trampolin am Kinderbauernhof Galtinerhof Rodeneck

Your children can also request to feed the animals by hand with farmer Robert. With a bit of luck your little one will see the light of the world and the wonderful unforgettable wonders of nature up close. Your children can also have fun on an egg hunt because fresh eggs, that you have just found, taste twice as good. Have you ever tried a glass of fresh milk? It tastes delicious!

And whoever doesn’t want to take a sip of the milk can look to other forms of recreation. The playground on our farm has a large trampoline, table tennis, table football, a sandbox, a play house, a slide, a swing and a rocking horse. Moreover, there is a big meadow where they can run around, to their heart’s content with other children.

And how would it be to walk on stilts, GoKart or drive a Bobbycar and ride in a tractor with farmer Robert? And so in one way or another, your children’s dreams can come true. With us on Galtinerhof, there is a lot to see and a lot to experience. It is here where a child’s heart can blossom along with the flowers… A holiday on a children’s farm is just an all-round good thing!

Animals on the farm:

  • Well-tempered cows and calves
  • Lively hens
  • Amusing dwarf goat Heidi
  • Several hares (rabbits)
  • Purring kittens
  • Gustav the goose and Clementine the duck
  • Funny potbellied pigs, Freddy and Emil

Play area

  • Large trampoline
  • Table tennis
  • Table football
  • Sandbox
  • Play houses
  • Slide, swing and rocking horse
  • Tractor driving, go-kart, bobbycars
  • Running on stilts
  • Big meadows