After travelling for 4km along the road from Mühlbach you get to your final destination, the idyllic and somewhat remote village of Rodeneck. As soon as you get here you will realise that this is a place where “time stands still” and that the time you spend in this part of the world is going to special.

About 1,200 inhabitants will extend a warm welcome and share the character of this village with you. Are you looking for relaxation and quiet or looking to make an interesting discovery? Are you a sports enthusiast with a thirst for adventure? You can do whatever you like, but don’t have to do anything. The same applies here with us…

Rodeneck and its surrounding area offer opportunities for active leisure activities in both summer and winter. Two of the many highlights of this region are the Rodenecker alpine meadow, one of the largest plateaus in Europe, and Rodenegg castle. This was built in the 12th century, is perched above the Rienz gorge and is always worth a visit.

What could refresh a “holiday hungry” soul more than the unspoilt nature in our region? Fresh country air encounters the pleasant climate in the mountains and emphasises the natural spectacle of colourful flowers, fresh grass, imposing forests and towering peaks. In the colder seasons this colourful summery world gives way to a glistening wintery backdrop. Maybe you’ve already guessed it; Rodeneck and our farm guarantee a lasting and eventful holiday.